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Saltwater - Fish, Coral, & Inverts

We pride outselves on carrying the best marinelife available.  We work with collectors and farmers all around the the world to bring in a wide variety of interesting, healthy, and responsibly sourced livestock.


When available, we always prefer to bring in captive bred fish.  This ensures that the animals will be in excellent health, and helps to protect wild populations.  Over the last several years breeders have made incredible advances and are now able to farm a significant number of species including many types of clownfish, cardinal, blenny, goby, angelfish, and even some tangs.  When captive bred isn't an option, we bring in net caught fish- never cyanide caught- and immediately screen them for health.  Animals needing medication or special treatment receive it, isolated from other animals.


The majority of our coral is farm raised.  Pieces that aren't farmed are collected for us by divers who use only the best practices, supplying the hobby in a manner that is as ecologically responsible as possible.  It's better for you, the animals involved, and most importantly the reef itself.

Freshwater - Fish, Plants, & Inverts

Freshwater aquariums appeal to everyone!  Whether you are setting up your child's first fun goldfish tank or you're putting your skills to the test with a beautiful Japanese inspired planted display, we've got the plants and animals for you.


We work with some fantastic breeders all around the US.  The vast majority of our freshwater fish and shrimp are captive bred, allowing us to bring in healthy, high quality animals on a consistent basis.  Our plants are grown by farmers and hobbyists with the experience to develop hardy and interesting varieties for your tank. We are proud to offer numerous rare plant species that you're unlikely to find elsewhere in Central Ohio.


If you're looking for something a bit more unusual, make sure you check out our collection of harder to find animals imported from tropics all over the globe.  We have excellent suppliers bringing us fish from West Africa, the rift lakes, Southeast Asia, India, Indonesia, the Amazon basin, and New Guinea.  Odd anabantoids, interesting catfish, quirky gobies, rare characins, delicate rasboras... we've got them all!

Pond - Fish & Plants

Ponds have a beautiful way of enhancing any yard.  You may have wide open space to dedicate to a well stocked half acre lake, or a patio that would look great featuring a small container pond.  Whatever your goal, when pond season comes around we've got the plants and livestock to help you make the most of your display.


We carry quality koi and fancy goldfish bred from Japanese, Malaysian, and American bloodlines.  When available, we also carry a variety of non-carp pond fish, including mosquitofish, dace, bitterling, high fin sharks, and more.


No pond is complete without a bit of aquatic gardening.  We have a variety of aquatic and marginal plants available including floating cover plants, lilies, rushes, and irises.   

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