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Equipment & Supplies

There's much more to a healthy aquarium than just a fish in a bowl.  To keep your tanks in excellent condition we carry a wide range of filtration, lighting, chemicals, foods, and other supplies.  We have carefully selected each of these items, ensuring that what everything we carry meets our high quality standards.  We will not sell you products that aren't going to benefit you or the animals in your care.

Aquarium Service

Please note, our service schedule is currently full. We have suspended taking new service customers for the time being. Our apologies!

You may appreciate the relaxing qualities and unique aesthetic of an aquarium, but may not want to get your hands wet maintaining one yourself.  We can help!


Rivers to Reefs Aquariums offers aquarium consultation, installation, and maintenance for both home and office/public aquariums.  Our experienced, reliable service crew will work with you to create the perfect centerpiece display for your space.  Call or stop by the shop to discuss what our service department can do for you.



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