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Welcome to Rivers to Reefs Aquariums!

We are a hobbyist-owned store; everyone here is a dedicated aquarist with years of experience.  We strive to bring you the best freshwater & saltwater livestock and supplies available, and to assist you with any questions you may have.


Your animals' health is our top priority.  We source our fish, plants, coral, and invertebrates from quality farms, responsible collectors, and local breeders.  The equipment you'll find on our shelves has been chosen to meet our high standards for quality.  We only carry  items we believe will be beneficial to you and your tank.


Whether you're looking for a pet goldfish or to aquascape a full-blown reef, we're happy to help you with all of your aquarium needs!

New Arrivals Several Times Per Week!
Now Open
7 Days a Week!
Mon-Fri 12 to 8
Sat-Sun 12 to 7
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